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The Heart of Hérault by bike

In close collaboration with the communities of municipalities of Clermontais, Lodévois and Larzac and the Hérault Valley, the Pays Cœur d'Hérault has published the leaflet "Le Cœur d'Hérault à vélo".

It offers 10 loops to be covered on the destination's roads, of all distances and all levels of difficulty... around the Great Sites - Saint Guilhem le Désert and the Hérault Gorges, Salagou Valley and Cirque de Mourèze, Cirque de Navacelles – through the vineyard, the olive groves, the southern Larzac, or even discovering the treasures of the local heritage.
Loop N°1 : Around the Causse d'Aumelas (easy level - 32km). This circuit will immerse you in the heart of the Causse d'Aumelas, in a wild setting with a surprising atmosphere. The Causse once housed significant human activity, linked in particular to sheep farming. The abandonment of pastoralism has led to the desertification of these scrublands, true havens of nature.
Loop N°2 : The medieval route (easy level - 34km). This route will lead you to discover the hills of the Hérault Valley, through vast wooded areas. The villages crossed (Aniane, Puéchabon, St Jean de Fos, St Guilhem le Désert...) are old and bear the traces of a medieval occupation, identifiable through many elements of the built heritage.
Loop N°3 : Vineyards of the Hérault valley (easy level - 17km). The Hérault Valley, located between the last foothills of the central massif and the alluvial plain of the Hérault river, benefits from exceptional sunshine and a quality terroir, including the winegrowers of Montpeyroux, Saint Saturnin de Lucian and Les Terrasses du Larzac have been able to reveal all the greatness.
Loop N°4 : The Hérault gorges and the Buèges valley (difficult level - 52.5 km). This sporty itinerary will immerse you in the heart of the southern Cévennes, to discover the foothills of the Séranne. Picturesque villages, and several remarkable heritage elements mark out this route, which will make you discover a more intimate side of the Grand Site of France Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert - Gorges de l'Hérault.
Loop N°5: Vineyards and capitelles in Clermontais (very easy level - 30km). Departing from Lieuran-Cabrières and its volcano, you will discover the vineyards of the AOC Languedoc - Pézenas (AOP) appellation. The diversity of the wine landscape, the capitelles and the picturesque valleys will not leave you indifferent.
Loop N°6 : The royal factory of Villeneuvette and the circus of Mourèze (easy level - 25km). With its airs of Tuscany, the landscape around Nébian offers an unexpected panorama. You will cross hilly landscapes, planted with vines, olive trees, almond trees and Florentine cypresses and, in a pedal stroke, you will arrive at the cloth city of Villeneuvette, not far from the Cirque de Mourèze and its dolomites.
Loop N°7 : Around the lake of Salagou (easy level - 43km). This great loop will give you the opportunity to repeatedly embrace dry and luminous Mediterranean landscapes which contrast with the aquatic landscapes of Lake Salagou. Typical villages, megaliths and panoramas will follow one another throughout your journey.
Loop N°8 : Sacred road via the balcony of Perthus (very difficult level - 82km). This circuit from Lodève will take you to the Causse du Larzac passing by the Prieuré St Michel de Grandmont, then by the Col du Vent. You will alternately cross dolomitic and agricultural landscapes to the Lerab Ling Buddhist temple, to descend via a route with breathtaking views.
Loop N°9 : The Cirque de Navacelles and the Grands Causses (difficult level - 59km). Departing from Caylar en Larzac, you will cross the southern Causse du Larzac then the Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles, an ecological and geological marvel where the steep drop will allow you to admire a spectacular panorama while making an unforgettable sporting effort.
Loop N°10 : Terroirs road (difficult level - 55km). This loop starting from Soubès reaches the Causse du Larzac, at St Pierre de la Fage, where you will see a renovated 17th century windmill. After the descent via the Col du Vent and the crossing of Arboras, you will cross the plain where vineyards and olive groves mark out this route.

MTB area – Salagou FFC

Immerse yourself in the heart of this colorful and exotic territory. Initially planned to become a water reserve that would promote the diversification of crops, Lake Salagou finally became an essential tourist spot in the department. For the pleasure of all... The leisure bases on the edges of the lake also allow nautical activities. Be sure to stay on the red signposting n°1 of the local VTT area (the route that is offered to you takes the 'black' variant between the banks of Octon and the Village of Celles).

Cycling map – Hérault mountain biking

“In less than 10 years, the number of kilometers of cycle paths has tripled in the Hérault. This result is the result of a policy initiated in 2002 by the General Council through the departmental cycle plan. In addition, more than 500km of Green Network®, routes suitable for mountain biking, complete the offer. This map shows you all of this equipment. Good walks! »

Nature getaway without a car

Gentle immersion, over the landscapes

From the arid plateaus of the Cirque de Navacelles to the red soils of Lake Salagou, passing through the green gorges of the Hérault, the Great Sites of France are traversed to the rhythm of the landscapes. On the trails, in the middle of nature or in the villages, they invite you to take the time to discover and meet people. Men and women, who are committed to transmitting the singular identity of their territory and their terroir, welcome you in all seasons.