An authentic and exceptional experience, does that tempt you?

So come and discover equicoaching to recharge your batteries in the great outdoors and enhance your stay at the Coeur d'Hérault guest house.

But then, what is equicoaching?

Equicoaching is an innovative method of personal and professional development, based on interaction with horses. These animals, sensitive and intuitive, act without judgment and with complete transparency in the face of our emotions and behaviors, thus offering a unique opportunity to better understand ourselves, strengthen self-confidence and improve communication.

Who is equicoaching for?

Whether you are familiar with the horse riding world or not, equicoaching is open to anyone wishing to live this unique experience. It is not necessary to ride a horse during the session, which guarantees total accessibility for children (from 6 years old) and adults. The sessions take place in a closed environment, ensuring you have a time that is both secure and enriching.

Why choose equicoaching?

Personal development : Learn to know yourself better, manage your emotions and overcome your fears.

Communication : Improve your communication skills by learning to be clear and consistent in your messages.

Stress Management : Discover techniques to stay calm and centered, even in stressful situations.

Self-confidence : Strengthen your self-confidence with immediate, non-judgmental feedback from horses.

Family relationship : Strengthen your family ties by developing a better mutual understanding and sharing a unique experience.

An unforgettable experience during your stay

Whether you are looking for personal development, strengthening your skills, or simply looking for an original and revitalizing activity, equicoaching is for you! Enjoy a place where animals and the environment are respected, preserved and loved!

Useful information

Location : The Lergue stables, chemin Saint-Martin, 34800 CLERMONT L’HERAULT

Duration : 1h30 individual sessions, 2h group, 4h team-building

Price : €90 for individuals, €150 for couples, €200 for families, quote on request for team-building


06 35 43 42 27