Les balcons volcaniques - Randonnée

Lieuran-Cabrières: Volcanic balconies

In a volcanic environment, this circuit crosses a basaltic plateau, witness of a long agricultural occupation and offers exceptional points of view allowing to admire the surrounding villages and soils, the valley of the Hérault, the Mediterranean coast and the fallout of the Causse du Larzac and the Cévennes.
Le Céressou - Randonnée

Céressou – Fontès

Cross the village of Fontès, then join the plan of Ceressou, an old volcano dominating the surrounding plains. Twice, step over the Boyne and find the cellar, the starting point of this superb walk.
Vignes et volcan de Fontès - Randonnée

Fontès vineyards and volcanoes

From the cellar, walk towards the church listed as a historical monument, passing under the old gates of the village. By an old path, climb the Céressou volcano. Then, after crossing the Boyne, you will head towards the Baumes volcano. Then, you will pass a few meters from the ruins of the Château de Mazers before returning to the village via the Clapisse hill.
Le sentier des garrigues - Nébian - Randonnée

The scrubland path – Nébian

This route will lead the walker from his starting point, Espace Pierrre de Laroque, to the highest point of the walk, the rock of Cayla. From the top of this cliff, you can admire sumptuous open landscapes over the middle valley of the Hérault and a breathtaking panorama of the foothills, the peak of Vissou and the Caroux.
De la tourelle aux meules - Randonnée

From the turret to the millstones – Nébian

This circuit will make you discover the richness of the landscapes of Nébian.

Villeneuvette: the hydraulic network

Departing from Villeneuvette, renowned for its royal factory, this family walk offers a moment of relaxation in the shade of the plane trees and the discovery of the remains of the hydraulic heritage.
Les crêtes de Vissou - Oenorando

The crests of Vissou – Cabrières

In the heart of a classified site, rich in natural, geological and landscape discoveries, the path winds through the vineyard, climbs in the fragrant scrubland and joins the cliffs.

In the background, the silhouette of Vissou serves as a landmark during this walk full of surprises.
Balade médiévale - Les sentiers de cabrières - Randonnée

Medieval walk – The paths of Cabrières

Stroll climbing towards the castle of Cabrières, whose remains of the cistern, the rampart and the base of a tower are visible. Itinerary rich in historical and landscape discoveries.
Les drailles de crozes - Oenorando

The drailles of the crozes – Cabrières

At the heart of a classified site, rich in natural, geological and landscape discoveries, the path runs through the entire vineyard and lets you imagine the medieval past of Cabrières. During this hike, you can discover the remains of its old village at the foot of the castle, the hamlet of Crozes, the mills of Tiberet and the old paths, "drailles" in Occitan.
Le cirque de Mourèze - Randonnée

The circus of Moureze

Dominated by the rocky bar of Mont Liausson which offers an exceptional panoramic view of Lake Salagou, discover a landscape worthy of a fairy tale where the dolomite offers real natural sculptures in a chaos of upright rocks.
Mourèze, découverte des courtinals - Randonnée

Mourèze – Courtinals discovery trail

Walk through the heart of the Cirque de Mourèze and discover the Courtinals belvedere.
Le mont Liausson - Randonne

Mount Liausson

This circuit, accessible to all, offers a colorful panoramic view: the blue of the lake, the red "ruffes", the yellow of the broom, the mosaic of the vines. The gaze also stops on the ghostly shapes of the Mourèze circus.
Le sentiers des Béals - Salasc - Randonnée

The path of the "béals"

The path of the "béals", small irrigation canals with ancestral origins, allows you to take paths by which pedestrians or animals could reach the agricultural land of the Causse. They will lead to several viewpoints, from where you can admire the action of the water that has shaped the landscape.
Notre Dame de Roubignac - Octon - Randonnée

Our Lady of Roubignac – Octon

A walk between “ruffes” and causse, steeped in history. After the ruins of the Château de Lauzières, discover this old chapel in the middle of the trees.

Les Vailhés – Salagou Lake

At the edge of Salagou Lake, one of the most fascinating sites in the south of France, this circuit offers you remarkable views of the vast Hérault lake.

Fountains and washhouses hike

In Popian, Pouzols and Pouget, the path passes near fountains and washhouses which were places of sociability, points of convergence of outdoor work and domestic work. In the vineyard, the water circulates thanks to the Gignac irrigation canal and its network of 173 km of canals. This building, a major landmark of the route, cuts out, orders and gives rhythm to the landscape.

Navacelles circus hike

After an underground course in the limestone of the causses of Blandas and southern Larzac, where its passage is only indicated by a dry valley, the Vis river springs impetuously at a place called La Foux (in Occitan: the big hole ). The village of Navacelles is seven kilometers downstream. In the corridor of these spectacular gorges, an almost ordinary society has persisted over the centuries, with its paths and its terraced crops, its herds and its small industries (woodworking, silkworm breeding, etc.).